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Bonneville Chapter
National Society Daughters of the American Revolution
Based in Lexington, Nebraska 68850

Organized February 26, 1913

Meetings are 2nd Tuesday of each month October -June.

                                CHAPTER OFFICERS
                                         REGENT - Margaret Bader
                                         VICE REGENT - Donna Hall
                                         CHAPLAIN- Katherine Metzger
                                         SECRETARY- Linda Mins
                                         TREASURER - Sandra Mittelstaedt
                                          REGISTRAR- Sherilyn Ward
                                          HISTORIAN- Patsy Loschen
                                          LIBRARIAN- Arline Miles

                               CHARTER MEMBERS
Maude Willis Smith (Mrs. M.B)           Ella Maxwell Cook (Mrs. E.A.)
Mina Mullin Volk (Mrs. George W.)    Ogla Martin McFarland (Mrs. V.E.)
Verna Stibbins Greenslit (Mrs. R.A)  Avis Wilcox Stebbins
Elva Bennett Evans (Mrs. A.H)           Jennie Reynolds Temple (Mrs. H.V.)
Eleanor J. Ridgway                              Eleanor Peale Baker (Mrs. B.B)
 Annette Mallett Jacobson(Mrs. J.E.)  Ella Ranklin Campbell (Mrs. A.P.)
 Luella Reynolds Spencer (Mrs. Charles)

  • Bonneville Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution of Lexington, Nebraska was named for Captain Benjamin Louis Eulalia Bonneville.

    Captain Bonneville was a diligent wanderer. He was born in France in 1796, and when a small boy was brought to this country by his mother, his father being detained in France by Napoleon on account of having issued some offensive political pamphlets. Bonneville was appointed to West Point, graduated there in 1819, and was then named to the staff of General Lafayette, with whom he toured the United States, and afterwards went to France as his guest. He saw some service in the American Army on the Frontier, but wishing to engage in the fur trade, secured a leave of absence. He took a party of about one hundred with twenty-four horse wagons over the Oregon Trail in the spring of 1832. This was the first wagon over that part of the trail known as the cut-off between Independence, Missouri and Grand Island, Nebraska, thus connecting the two ends of the route destined later to carry immense travel across the continent.

    Bonneville traveled over the whole northwest mountain region, including the Columbia River country, until the spring of 1835. The gallant captain was a conspicuous figure in the Seminole War, and later went with his command into Mexico.

    Captain Bonneville died at his farm near Fort Smith, Arkansas on June 12, 1878.

    Bonneville Chapter of the Daughter of the American Revolution was organized February 26, 1913 at the home of Mrs. E. A. Cook. A letter from Washington, DC appointed Mrs. B. B. Baker as organizing regent of the chapter. Charter members were: Maude Willis Smith, Ella Maxwell Cook, Mina Mullin Volk, Ella Rankin Campbell, Ogla Martin McFarland, Verna Stibbins Grennslit, Avis Wilcox Stebbinns, Elva Bennett Evans, Jennie Reynolds Temple, Luella Reynolds Spencer, Annette Mallett Jacobson, Eleanor J. Ridgway, and Eleanor Peale Baker.

    In 1931, the Chapter became interested in marking the site of Turkey Leg Massacre, an Indian raid on a Union Pacific train west of Plum Creek, now Lexington. The idea was abandoned because of lack of funds. This project was revived in 1938. The regent, Mrs. C. C. Rosenberg contacted Mr. William Jeffers, president of the Union Pacific Railroad, who agreed to bring a Wyoming boulder to the site of the raid. The installation was done and bronze plaque, telling the story of the raid, was placed on the boulder. The premiere of the film “Union Pacific”, in Omaha, coincided with the dedication of the marker and the observance of the first “Plum Creek Days” celebration. The Bonneville Chapter rededicated the Turkey Leg Monument in July 2004.

    During the years of World War II, the chapter members did Red Cross work, such as knitting, buying bonds, working at the North Platte Canteen, the USO, and the contributing to the blood plasma program. Nebraska State DAR adopted the crew of LCI #581, and the name Henry M. Hill, Lt. M3c was assigned to Bonneville chapter. Monthly letters were written to him and boxed food and small gifts were sent from time to time.

    After World War II, the chapter began the task of copying tombstone records in all the cemeteries in Dawson County. The records of 35 cemeteries were completed in 1951. They were typed by chapter member, Mrs. Robert Zulauf. Three copies were made and bound.

    Mrs. Ruby Hollingsworth worked for sometime platting and identifying graves in the oldest cemetery in Dawson County, The Evergreen Cemetery, a few miles east of Lexington. Where there were no markers, but the graves were identified, she persuaded local groups and the City of Lexington to place white wooden crosses with the name painted in black. These cemetery records have been typed and bound.

    Today, Bonneville chapter has 46 members and we are a viable and active chapter. We have members who are presenting genealogical workshops, copying Genealogical Records, honoring our Flag, American History, our military and the goals and ideals of the National Society, 2 past State Officers, 1 Honorary State Regent, several State Committee chairman, and members who are enthusiastic about DAR.

  •                                         CHAPTER REGENTS

    1913-1915 Eleanor Barker                            1969-1971 LaDonna Doughty
    1915-1916 Lue R. Spencer                           1971-1973 Roberta Burmood
    1916-1917 Ella Cook                                     1973-1976 LaDonna Doughty
    1917-1918 Weir Smith                                   1976-1978 Marion Bates
    1918-1919 Maude Betzer                              1978-1980 Donna Heaton
    1919-1921 Elva Evans                                   1980-1982 LaDonna Doughty
    1921-1922 Delia Adams                                1982-1984 Iona B McFarren
    1922-1923 Annette Jacobson                       1984-1986 Marcia Morgan
    1923-1925 Olga McFarland                           1986-1990 Cheryl Clark
    1915-1927 Mina Volk                                     1990-1992 Sherilyn Ward
    1927-1929 Elizabeth Fagot                           1992-1994 Jacqueline Ohlmann
    1929-1931 Joy Johnson                                 1994-1996 Jean Sands
    1931-1933 Helen McKee                               1996-1998 LaDonna Doughty
    1933-1935 Sevilla Fagot                                1998-2000 Sherilyn Ward
    1935-1937 Opal Burnett                                 2000-2002 Jacqueline Ohlmann
    1937-1939 Esther Rosenberg                        2002-2004 Debra Hatfield
    1939-1940 Joy Johnson                                  2004-2006 Margaret Bader
    1940-1942 Marion Bates                                2006-2008 Linda Mins
    1942-1944 Ethyle Wisda                                 2008-2010 Margaret Bader
    1944-1945 Fancis Meyer                                2010-2012 Debra Hatfield
    1945-1947 Weir Smith                                    2012-2012 Margaret Bader
    1947-1949 Nina Miller 
    1949-1951 Olga McFarland 
    1951-1953 Helen McKee  
    1953-1955 Lille Zulauf 
    1955-1957 Joy Johnson 
    1957-1958 Francis Meyer 
    1958-1960 Bertha Sherrill 
    1960-1962 Lucy Bixler 
    1962-1964 Joy Johnson 
    1964-1965 Lucy Bixler 
    1965-1967 Ruby Hollingsworth 
    1967-1969 Lillie Zulauf 
      Jacqueline Ohlmann - Nebraska State Regent
      Cheryl Clark - National Vice Chairman American History Committee
                               Women in American History
                               State Co-Chairman Lineage Research Committee
                               DAR Speakers Staff
      Margaret Bader - State Chairman American History Committee
      Sherilyn Ward - State Chairman Conservation Committee
      Linda Mins - State Library Committee
  • For membership information, email Sheri Ward at sheriward@q.com